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The Cincinnati Storytelling Festival, founded in 2020, is a weekend event featuring national and local professional storytellers from a variety of backgrounds and traditions. Held on Cincinnati’s West Side, the festival brings communities together to enjoy  fairy tales, scary stories, laugh-out-loud tales, and everything in between!

There are several wonderful organizations in Cincinnati promoting the telling of stories in the Moth-style of personal narrative storytelling, and those shows and that style are vital and important to storytelling as a contemporary artform. 

The Cincinnati Storytelling Festival is here to bring something our Artistic Director, Paul Strickland, has seen firsthand in other places – that traditional stories don’t have to be stuffy, that folk storytellers can tell contemporary stories that make gen-z, millennials, and baby-boomers alike guffaw shamelessly and cry openly.  The Cincy Story Fest is here to continue the tradition that ALL humans have in common and have always had in common – Storytelling.


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